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              We give the price quoted by the customer is

              We all know that the certificate lanyard used now is also woven from webbing. At present, the development speed of webbing products in our country is increasing, the market cycle of new products is continuously compressed, the market pace is accelerating, and the clothing industry has continuous requirements for the lanyard and webbing industry. As the price of ordinary webbing is close to the cost, the profit margin that ordinary webbing brings to manufacturers is getting smaller and smaller. Therefore, only by reducing production costs and providing work efficiency can the profit margin of products be changed. All of this must be attributed to improvements in the equipment, technology, and management of the strapping machine.
              Ordinary lanyards have been gradually eliminated by the market. In addition to the outstanding design and craftsmanship required by modern consumers, functional, personalized, high-gloss, durable and distinctive printed lanyards are becoming more and more acceptable. How can we make such an exquisite lanyard with personality and characteristics?

              First of all, we understand the material of the lower lanyard: polyester (Tedron), nylon, cotton, imitation nylon;

              1. Screen printing: The most common printing process for lanyards, which is cost-effective and uses more people. It has strong printing adaptability, strong three-dimensional impression, and large printing area.
              2. Thermal transfer: The thermal transfer ink is used for the exquisite graphics and text, and the pattern is formed at a time without overcoloring, the printing is exquisite, the cost is low, the product loss is small, the craftsmanship is strong and the decoration is in line with the environmental protection printing standards, and there is no environmental pollution;
              3. Jacquard printing: The jacquard webbing is the most high-end and durable webbing at present. The pattern is meticulous and does not deform or fall off. The material is environmentally friendly and is produced by advanced computer jacquard and dyeing and finishing equipment. It can be single-sided and double-sided jacquard, with excellent hand feeling and bright color;
              4. Offset printing: The primer screen is firm, and it is difficult to wash off under normal circumstances, except that it can be scraped off;

              Supreme Technology has been focusing on printing equipment for more than ten years. With years of R&D and production practice and technical accumulation, it has taken the lead in forming a relatively complete digital printing equipment production system in the industry; its products are divided into roller printing machines, webbing/lanyard printing machines, and digital printing machines. Printers and other equipment are well-known in the industry and can be customized according to the individual needs of different customers.

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