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              Human progress starts from the feet, and the changes on the feet also reflect the changes of the times and the changes in society. Nowadays, couple style street graffiti canvas shoes, with cool graffiti printing on the upper, projecting a young and unruly rock style; the upper is printed with a pattern that you like to show yourself; making it more comfortable to wear. Let the new ideas of fashion radiate at any time throughout the day. In such a market environment, a brand-new high-tech printing equipment-digital printing machine, has solved the difficulty of the old technology in the past, and has low cost, low scrap rate, and high profit creation value.
              Shoe Material Industry

              The digital printing machine is a kind of high-tech digital printing equipment of inkjet printing that is "non-contact with the object". It is no longer limited to printing paper, and can support direct printing on any object. Through various digital input methods, after data editing and processing of the required patterns, the control system will directly print the special dyes on various products. This overcomes the drawbacks of traditional printing and can be used for color patterns on the surface of any material. No need to make a plate, not restricted by pattern and color registration, fast printing and proofing, it is a one-time printing, beautiful colors, vivid effects, waterproof images, sun protection, strong abrasion resistance, non-fading, easy operation of the machine, stable performance, maximum performance To meet the needs of customers to the limit, it has the following application advantages:

              1. The entire printing process is digitalized, so that the design and production of printed products can not only quickly respond to their order requirements, but also have great randomness, and can be flexibly produced as needed. For example, if a customer orders (10m2) decorative cloth, it can be delivered within 3.5 hours, which is truly desirable immediately and satisfied with the customer. The use of traditional printing requires color separation, screen making, color matching, sizing, printing, post-processing, etc. It takes a long time and the production cost is very high, and the customer is not necessarily satisfied.
              2. The design samples can be modified arbitrarily on the computer to fully and fully express the designer's design concepts and aesthetic concepts. Until the user immediately approves the plan, approves the design plan, and conducts batch processing. In traditional printing, once the designer's sample is confirmed, it is difficult to create and modify it again. For patterns, patterns, color matching, etc., there is a lack of flexibility and rapid market adaptability in production.
              3. The digital jet printing technology uses digitally controlled nozzles to spray the corresponding micro-dots of the dye solution on-demand on the parts where dye is needed. Many micro-dots can quickly form the desired pattern, achieving visually consistent color and vivid pattern. Traditional printing has relatively poor performance on color saturation and vividness of layers, and it is difficult to grasp some excessive moiré.
              4. Due to the high printing accuracy of the digital printing machine, there is almost no problem with the accuracy of the pattern and the color registration. No matter what pattern or how many colors, it is all done by direct printing method. It avoids the pollution of a large amount of reducing agent and the waste of dyes in the traditional "carving" process, and also ensures the bright color and fastness.
              5. During the production process of digital jet printing, the computer automatically memorizes the data of each color. During mass production, the color data remains unchanged, which basically guarantees the consistency between the small sample and the large sample. In traditional printing, it is difficult to guarantee the consistency between the small sample and the large sample. This is because different batches of sizing can cause slight changes in the same color. This problem is generally difficult to solve in the traditional printing industry.
              6. There is no need for the concept of "huahui" in the process of digital printing, so that the designer's design ideas can be fully utilized, no longer subject to the constraints of "huahui", and lay the foundation for designers to design more beautiful patterns. . In actual production, a pattern with a flower length of 15m has been printed. In the traditional printing process, the flower pattern designed by the designer should be designed according to the characteristics of the printing equipment. This limits the designer's talents to a certain extent.
              7. The printing accuracy is high, and printing photos on the fabric can basically reach the printing level.
              8. The cost of digital jet printing in small batch production and printing is lower than that of traditional printing. This lays a good foundation for adapting to the multi-variety, small-batch market.
              9. Storage of process files: all the data and process plans needed in the digital printing process are stored in the computer to ensure the reproducibility of the printing. In the traditional rotary screen printing production, the preservation of archives is a headache. The storage of manuscripts and the storage of rotary screens take up a lot of space, which is a waste of manpower and material resources, and the preservation effect is not very good.
              10. Digital printing is a green production method. No water is used in the spray printing process, no color paste is prepared, no waste dyeing liquid color paste, and low noise. Traditional printing requires a very large amount of water, and the waste liquid, waste water, and waste pulp produced greatly pollute the environment.

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