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              ZS-BD roller transfer machine

              Hot stamping, hot stamping, hot stamping, hot stamping, hot stamping, hot stamping, hot stamping, hot stamping, , Such as swimwear, sportswear, textile digital proofing, Pi Bu mass production. And so transferred to their own needs hot stamping items.

              The basic parameters of the machine (detailed parameters to prevail in kind):
              Product number ZS-BD1700
              Drum diameter Double drum 420mm Effective transfer width 1700mm
              The drum is actually wide 1900mm Blanket production materials Imports of US "DuPont" blankets
              heating method Heating pipe heating oil heat Machine power 30KW
              Machine current 52A Pressurized way Pneumatic pressure
              Winding method The inflatable shaft receives the paper and the backing paper Host size 2500×1000×1500(mm)
              Work frame size 3500×1720×900(mm) Machine size 4500×2500×1500(mm)
              ZS-BD1700 up-type multi-function roller transfer machine features:
              1. US "DuPont" blankets, transfer effect, and long service life.
              2. Using 100% seamless tube roller, cylinder cylindrical / internal precision lathe, cylindrical cylindrical grinding Seiko, and then iron dragon, to ensure that the temperature of each point in line. Double roller heating more uniform, no color transfer effect, saving 13% -15% per day, Taiwan's stainless steel heating tube directly heating layer, heating up faster.
              3. Air Shaft Shouhua end of paper and paper, more labor, the collection of paper received more, more firmly.
              4. Adjust the offset shafts of each precision lathe, grinding, and then platinum. Error control in the 2 C. Within the normal work of the blanket does not go astray.
              5. The main wall (electric box) with 10 PCT thick steel plate production.Wire cutting, high precision, less error.
              6. Pneumatic pressure function. Better transfer effect, the color deeper, more vivid.
              7. Blanket separation. When the blackout or shutdown, blankets and drum can be separated to better protect the blanket and extend the life.
              8. Carbon brush conductive heating, conductive properties more stable and safe.
              9. Imported variable speed motor, can be adjusted according to different materials transfer speed.
              10. Control table digital display, temperature, time can be controlled, higher accuracy.
              11. Blanket transfer function. Product transfer, after the conveyor belt to the back of the shelf, more labor saving. Optional up and down conveying function, more efficient.
              12. The machine has a regular shutdown function, the machine idling 2 hours automatic shutdown function. Easy to work after the machine cool down unmanned shutdown.
              13. The machine uses three put two functions, with 3.5 meters work frame, suitable for transfer: pieces, cloth (package) and clothing.

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