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              Welcome to Best printing machinery Co., LTD!

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              Guangdong Best printing machinery Co., LTD
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                 The Best has always positioned itself as a technology-based enterprises, and always firmly grasp the core technology to help enhance industrial productivity is the source of enterprise development. The company has established the advanced digital printing machine. With the use of the standardized equipment, the process will be greatly improved. The company will adopt the modern enterprise management method and strengthen the product supply capacity by relying on the abundant technical strength and reasonable allocation of resources. In the modernization of scientific research and production base to the ISO9001 quality management system as the standard, to achieve large-scale production, to ensure that enterprises in the field of technological innovation dominant position. 

              R & D strategy

              To enhance the capacity of independent innovation as the main line, with business innovation as the center, drive the comprehensive enterprise innovation, business and technology through the two-wheel drive, to promote the Best machine to become innovative printing machinery and equipment enterprises.

              R & D responsibility

              According to business development strategy and technology development trends, business and new product development planning and technical strategy; research and development of enterprise technology system and standards; new technology, new equipment, new business laboratory testing and production practice verification;To launch new business, new products and various support systems research and development, the introduction of independent intellectual property rights of business and products, the establishment of operation and maintenance support system.

              R & D capability

              The Best technical system is divided into mechanical "digital printing technology center" and "roller printing center" two departments, there are more than 30 R & D engineers, more than 10 years in the industry experience in senior engineers , Its technical level and experience in the industry reputation. The company has established the industry's leading digital printing and technology center. After years of continuous investment, become a professional complete, equipped with advanced technology laboratory. In addition, also set up to support the stable operation of new products, product evaluation center.

              R & D focus

              And actively carry out the printing of the new application of technology research, master the core technology; to strengthen enterprises in printing technology, digital printing, roller printing technology, clothing printing, luggage printing and other technical aspects of continuous investment, product innovation, response to market demand; Machinery from the traditional machinery and equipment manufacturing enterprises to now fully encompass the hardware, software and services in one of the modern machinery enterprises strategic transformation. 

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              Service hotline:400-1515-750

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