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              Digital printers

              Printer digital printer, also known as universal flatbed printer, the first JV33 digital large printer is a drum-type multi-function printer, want to know the printer parameters, printer prices and other specifications, please see the digital printer picture details.

              Mimakijv33 Features:
              1. Single nozzle: nozzle into the wood is jV4 one-sixth, jv3 a quarter:
              2. High speed: 720dpi mode up to 17 hours. 5 square meters:
              3. High precision: 1440dpi precision and the new variable-point technology, making jv33 in high-speed mode can also be sprayed with high-quality screen:
              4. High stability: jv33 uphold mimake's industrial product architecture design, you can 7 * 24-hour uninterrupted operation. Use Fan Court wide: jv33 nozzle height can be adjusted to 7mm. , From the high thickness of the leather to the ultra-thin silk cuckoo cloth, cold surface film and so on as long as the thickness of less than 7mm of the material can be sprayed.
              5. Whether it is advertising printing industry or clothing, leather, printing and dyeing industry, jv33 is definitely headed, to show their skills, the spray of the screen is definitely the industry-leading! Absolutely meet the export of Europe, Japan and domestic wood in the high-end market needs!
              Jv33 Printing speed:
              6. High-speed mode 540x720dpi 4pas: two-way 17.5 square meters / hour
              7. Standard mode 540xl.080dpi: 6pass bidirectional 12 square meters / hour
              8. High-quality mode 720: 1.44Odpi: 8pass bidirectional 8. 5 square meters / hour

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