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              Multi-functional ribbon transfer printing machine ZS-AB

              Stable heating temperature of the machine positioning accuracy, product transfer effect is clear



              This product is a response to the ribbon, face, mobile phone lanyard,double-sided printing fabric.Our company is new product development team.The heating temperature stability,set Accurate positioning,product transfer effect is clear.You can navigate according to different product size,and can transfer apiurality of products, improve the efficiency of.
              Application features
              1.Using the most advanced imported components,control system,automatic limit, performance(accuracy, security).long service Iife,high precision,digital display system,high precision.
              2.Blanket band separated;the lever,and a pressure balancing stem,ensure that every consistent blankets and heating body pressure,completely solved in shutdown or failure of blanket cooling problems,better protect the blankets,prolong its service life.
              3.Roller adopts the shunt tube design,heating tube heating.heat conducting oil heat transfer,uniform temperature,no color printing effect.At the same time with the synchronous roller shaft.The unique positioning system,product does not shift,not white.At the same time transfer multiple products.

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