Evecase 15.6-inch Nylon Fiber Waterproof Universal Carrying Briefcase Bag with Handles + Acessories Bag + Mouse Pad for Notebook, Chromebook, Macbook, laptop and Ultrabooks – Hot Pink

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The Evecase stylish handle case is designed to protect 15″ widescreen laptops from dust or scratches. The sleeve has features a pouch case to store small items. The mouse pads enhance the precision of optical mice at fast speeds. Perfect for use during travel or between meetings when a laptop and core accessories is all you need.

– Laptop case is Polyester foam padding layer and fluffy fabric lining for bump and shock absorption and protection of your computer from accidental scratches.
– Pouch case are ideal for storage of small items such as power adapters, cables, pens and external devices, offering added convenience.
– Carry a mouse pad on the go allowing you to work more convenient .
– Top handles of the case enable you to carry your laptop more comfort.
– Compatible with most popular 15 – 15.6 inch LCD display laptops.

– Laptop Case – exterior: 600D Polyester, Waterproof, interior: Fluffy Fabric Lining.
– Pouch Case – exterior: 600D Polyester, Waterproof, interior: Neoprene.
– Mouse Pad – 600D Polyester, non-slip rubber base.

– Laptop Case – exterior: 16.33 x 11.22 x 1.0 inch (415*285*25mm), interior: 15.15*10.8*0.85 inch (385*275*22mm).
– Pouch Bag – 5.91*5.12*0.79inch (150*130*20mm).
– Mouse Pad – 9.84*7.09inch (250*180mm).

PLEASE NOTE: Designed to fit devices with max diagonal of up to 15.6 inches. LCD display sizes may not reflect actual device measurements. Please check exact dimensions for your device prior to purchase to ensure fit. Laptop, tablet, cable, stylus ,mouse ,smartphone are not included.


All Evecase (TM) cases are covered by one-year limited warranty that guarantees all products to be free of defects in material and workmanship for a period of one year from the date of purchase.Stylish and Chic Waterproof Lightweight Nylon Carrying Bag with Extra Cushioned Interior Provides Ultimate Protector for Your Electronic Devices.





Helpful Advice For Properly Using Your IPad

Due to it’s multiple features, the iPad is great for anyone. The first time you use an iPad, you might have trouble understanding everything it can do for you. The following article will help you appreciate just how awesome the iPad is and what functionality is available.

You can easily access all running apps on an iPad. Just double-click the Home button, and all the apps that are running will display at the bottom of the screen. If you tap on a app in the bar, you can quickly switch to it. Hit the Home button to get rid of the bar.

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You can access a remote server using a VPN. You can enable this VPN connection by activating the VPN feature in the network settings. You will then be asked for a username and a server address. If the server address is not something you personally know, contact your network administrator.

Make sure you check out your currently running apps. A lot of the apps on your tablet can keep running while you work on other things. Double-click Home to see what’s currently running. Everything that is open will be displayed in a bar located underneath all of your other information. Press the Home button again or swipe down to clear the bar.

You can easily see the video or picture you just took without clicking the camera roll. Using your finger, swipe toward the right side, and you should see your video or picture. Swipe left in a continuous motion to see prior photos.

It is possible to preview more than a couple of lines of email by changing settings. In your Settings menu, click on Mail, and then find the Preview setting. Changes this setting to display up to five lines. By doing this, you can see as much of an email as you want, which will speed up the process of viewing emails.

If you fear someone might try to look at your device and read your data, it is possible to set a password so that all data will be deleted after a set number of incorrect attempts. If a person hasn’t found your password after 10 attempts it will erase your data.

If you enjoy reading operating manuals and would like one for your iPad, you will need to download it. Apple changed to a downloadable version to stay green.

It is easy to access running applications quickly. Simply click the home button two times to have them all appear. This trick alone will save you lots of time.

How do you avoid the frustration of an unknown hyperlink when browsing on your iPad? There is an answer. Since you can’t hover over words like on a regular computer, you may touch and hold that word. This action will show you the URL that the word will take you to. Evecase

Listening to music on your iPad is great, but have you heard about podcasts? These are radio programs ranging from 2 minutes to 2 hours about any type of subject. Podcasts are a great alternative to the standard radio hits and talk show drivel. Because of all the subjects that podcasts cover, you are certain to find something that interests you.

There is an iTunes store on your iPad, and there is actually quite a bit to it. One of the most interesting is called iTunes U (for university). In this section, there are plenty of podcasts of an educational nature for students and anyone who loves to learn.

You can share your files with a Mac or a PC by syncing your files with iTunes. It’s very easy to interact with iTunes now and share documents. You can send documents, such as PDFs, over the Internet to others. You can send work documents to your home PC, as well.

Double click the home button to see a list of apps that are currently running. This will bring up a bar at the bottom of the screen which shows all the currently running apps. To access an app, just click the app on the bar. This will help you to compartmentalize all of your applications.

There are several options for search engines on your iPad. You may change it to another. Choose the Settings menu and tap Safari, followed by a tap on Search Engine. Find your search engine on the list and make the selection. You will be given an option to use Bing, Google or Yahoo.

Always turn on Find My iPad in case you lose yours. This feature will tell you just the specific location of your iPad, and you can even have the power of deleting sensitive personal information from another location. You will be incredibly grateful to have enabled this feature should your iPad ever become lost or stolen.

You can utilize several methods for managing the battery life of your iPad. Keep it away from excessive heat. Keep the brightness level of the screen low. Turn on the airplane mode if you have no need for the Internet. It also helps to turn off Push. Instead, manually refresh your email when you have the time.

In Safari, click on the top of the title page to bring you back up to the top of the site. Lots of people waste time scrolling back to the top. If you just touch the title window, it will get you to where you want to go much faster.

Viewing a PDF is hard enough on any system or computer, but the iPad actually works to make these documents even smoother through great applications. In addition to viewing the PDFs, you can sync your iPad with your computer at home and do file transfers. This is useful for school, work, or business. Apple iPad 2 MC769LL/A Tablet ( iOS 7,16GB, WiFi) Black 2nd Generation

As you can now see, the iPad can do many things to make your life easier. When you’re aware of how to properly use this device, you can more bang for your buck. Use any ideas presented here to make the most of your iPad.

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