iPad Pro Case, Shamo’s® 360°Rotating Magnet Folding Folio Smart Cover with Stand And Auto Sleep/Wake Feature for Apple iPad Pro With Handheld Elastic Strap (Black)

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  • Synthetic leather folio case specially designed to fit the Apple iPad Pro with magnet smart cover support auto sleep/wake feature;
  • Rotates 360 degrees between horizontal and vertical position, for viewing handfree in any angles;
  • Elastic strap ensures folio case stays closed during transport. And you also can put your hand across under the elastic strap, to hold your pad well.
  • Dual-layer, hard interior cover and premium synthetic leather exterior protects your device against damage; Cut-outs allow access to all ports and functions;
  • Durable design prevents scratches, screen damage, fall damage, etc.






Great Tips To Help You Handle Your IPad Like A Pro

Everybody loves the iPad. Since it’s rather small, you can bring it with you anywhere. It’s capable of reading iBooks, playing groundbreaking video-games, or performing tedious business tasks. The options available are greater than any one person can imagine. The following article can help you use the iPad to it’s full potential.

Did you accidentally start a noisy app? Mute the volume quick by pressing and then holding your volume down button. Do this until you can’t hear anything. If you need a mute button, change your settings so your lock orientation button becomes a mute button.

The iPhone charger isn’t ideal for quickly charging your tablet. The wattage on the two devices is different. Charging with the incorrect charger will delay the charge time. You should use the charger that came with the iPad.

To keep your personal data secure in case you are concerned about unauthorized access you can configure your password so that all data will be deleted after a specified number of unsuccessful tries. Your phone will be wiped if there are 10 failed login attempts.

Typing on a tablet can be difficult at first but gets easier over time. If you have issues, use speech dictation instead. Push your Home button two times and just tap on the tiny microphone you see. When you’re done speaking, tap the Microphone again to turn your dictation into text.

The iPad doesn’t come with a paper manual so it will need to be downloaded if you want to read it. It is easier for Apple to make it a download than to print a manual for every product.

It can be far simpler to transmit messages by familiarizing yourself with certain shortcuts. All you have to do is tap on the space bar, and it will put a period and a space there. You won’t have to add it yourself and the time you save can mean more messaging to family and friends.

Do you find it annoying to have to access the bookmarks icon via tapping to navigate to your saved websites? You can easily do this by always showing the bookmarks bar. Search out Safari within the Settings menu. Change the Always Show Bookmarks to On and you’re done.

Listening to music on your iPad is great, but have you heard about podcasts? You can find radio programs in varying lengths on just about any topic. If you ever want to listen to something else besides music while you are commuting, consider listening to podcasts. You can surely find something you like.

It’s simple to copy some text and paste it elsewhere on the iPad. Tap and hold text you want copied, and hit select to pick the sentence you desire. Tap once more after the text appears in yellow highlight. Then select Copy. You can paste, then, by pressing, then holding, and choosing “paste”.

Everyone knows that the iTunes store exists, but not everyone knows about its features. Within the store you can locate a subsection known as iTunes U which caters to university students. You can find lots of podcasts that are meant to teach in this section.

It is natural to hold the sides of the iPad when taking a photo. Sadly, this leads to blurry photos. You can always push the lock for the orientation. The orientation lock is right near your thumb, so it will be easy to reach. Snap the picture and use the editor afterwards to edit the media to your liking.

While it may seen unnecessary, you must place some kind of security feature on an iPad. Since iPads can hold secure information, it is worth making sure that information is safe in case you lose it.

Many people out there think that the battery charge screen display is annoying. Luckily, you can easily take this off of your screen. Just enter your iPad settings, tap on the general option and then select usage. You will find an option to turn it off. You can follow the same procedure if you want to turn the indicator back on.

Control all of the notifications you get. Having many apps means you will receive alerts all the time. You can remedy this by choosing Settings and then Notifications. By controlling your notifications, you can avoid constant alerts. Then you only get useful notifications.

Do you find your Ipad Google search app unsatisfactory? Just change it out for a different one. From the Settings menu, choose Safari and then choose Search Engine. From there, select the search engine you want to use. You’ll get the option of choosing between Bing, Yahoo, and Google.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to thing you are able to do on an iPad. The whole family can enjoy this. The only thing you need to do is learn how to properly care for it and use it. Your life will be surprisingly improved by the gadget. Apple iPad Mini with WiFi + AT&T 4G 16GB Space Gray – MF442LL/A

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