Apple iPhone 6 Plus, GSM Unlocked, 64GB – Space Gray (Certified Refurbished)

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What’s in the box: Certified Refurbished iPhone 6 Plus Space Gray 16GB Unlocked , USB Cable/Adapter. Comes in a Generic Box with a 90 days Limited Warranty. This Certified Refurbished product has been tested and certified to work and look like new, with minimal to no signs of wear, by a specialized third-party seller approved by Amazon. The product is backed by a minimum 90-day warranty, and may arrive in a generic brown or white box. Accessories may be generic and not directly from the manufacturer.

  • This Certified Refurbished iPhone 6 Plus has been tested and certified to work and look like new, with minimal to no signs of wear, by a specialized third-party seller approved by Amazon. The product is backed by a minimum 90-day warranty, and may arrive in a generic brown or white box. Accessories may be generic and not directly from the manufacturer.
  • Factory unlocked iPhones are GSM models and are ONLY compatible with GSM carriers like AT&T and T-Mobile as well as other GSM networks around the world. They WILL NOT WORK with CDMA carriers like Sprint, Verizon and the likes. The phone requires a nano SIM card (not included in the package).

What is an unlocked phone?

An unlocked phone is a device that is not bound to any carrier or plan. It allows you to choose your phone first and your carrier second. Upon selecting a plan, simply insert the carrier’s SIM card into the phone and you’re ready to go. If you decide you want to change carriers down the road or want to take an international trip, it’s as simple as replacing your existing SIM card with a new SIM and activating your new plan.

What are the benefits of an unlocked phone?

Freedom: Choose the carrier with the best service or price. If you find a better deal later, you have the ability to change to a different carrier.

Travel: Take your phone internationally and use the carrier of your choice. It’s as easy as inserting an active SIM card.

Selection: Choose the phone with the features you want, whether or not your carrier sells it, and get more service options without a contract.



How do I set up my unlocked phone?

The first thing you’ll need is a SIM card for your desired carrier. When activated, the SIM card will let your phone connect to your carrier’s network. If you decide to upgrade to a newer unlocked phone in the future, you can easily remove the SIM card from your old phone and put it in your new phone—just make sure you get the right size of SIM card (nano, micro, or standard) for your phone. If you want to use your phone while traveling internationally, you can easily buy a SIM card for a carrier that operates where you’re traveling. As long as it’s activated, you can just swap SIM cards when you arrive at your destination.






How To Use Your Iphone And All It Has To Offer

Are you unsure of how to use apps on your iPhone? You are in luck, as the information in this article will help you learn all the app secrets and much more! Used properly, these apps can help your whole life go more smoothly.

You can have a better iPhone browsing experience by using a bigger keyboard. There is no need to purchase a larger keyboard. The iPhone has a feature that allows you to rotate the phone, open Safari and have instant access to a more user friendly keyboard. The keyboard will be bigger, and you will be able to type on it better.

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Save time by omitting the ‘WWW’ and ‘.com’ from the URL while using your iPhone to browse online. You only need to use the main address and your browser will pull up the correct site. Though this may seem insignificant, the time savings can be substantial over the long run.

Many iPhone users will spent a lot of time surfing the web and reading mail, but they do not know how to save the images they find or are sent. Simply touch the selected image you want to save, and then hold your finger there for a couple of seconds. A pop up should appear, giving you the choice to save that image.

If you are looking for ways to make the best use of your iPhone, you should look into its many media viewing features. You can enjoy videos from virtually any source on your iPhone. This media mobility means you can watch movies or shows wherever you are.

When checking out a webpage, scroll using one and two fingers. A given webpage can be scrolled through box by box. When you use two fingers, you’ll be able to scroll across the whole page.

When you’d like to write an email or type up a note, and aren’t interested in using the words your iPhone is suggesting, you don’t need to press X to get rid of the suggestion box. You only need to tap the screen anywhere to make the box disappear.

The iPhone makes it easy to keep the camera steady and take a clear photo. Just use the volume buttons on your headphones. Begin by keeping your hand steady on the subject you’re capturing. When you have your subject ready, just press the button on your headphone cord.

If you’d like to make emailing and texting on your phone more simple, just create an AutoText shortcut for anything you type frequently. This feature comes in handy for cumbersome email addresses or common phrases like “On my way” or “Where are you?” You will find this option in the keyboard settings of your iPhone.

If you have an iPhone, make use of Facebook. This is a very handy way to access to Facebook on your iPhone.

If you are unhappy with Siri’s mechanized voice, know that there are other choices. Go the general settings area and locate Siri. There, you will be able to program Siri’s language to German, French or English. You can even change her voice, if you wish, to reflect a British or Australian accent. In fact, the British version of Siri has a male voice.

Send photos to your friends and family with your iPhone. This can be done in two ways. First, you can save the image and then add it as an attachment to an email, or you can go to your Facebook application and upload it there for everyone to see.

If you are looking for a new way to scroll through the contacts in your phone, you are in luck. The iPhone offers three methods to access your desired contact’s information easily. You can either press your finger to the list, scroll with your finger or tap a letter. The last way lets you browse the entire list quickly.

Keep in touch with your friends by using your iPhone to access social networks. The iPhone can keep your friends updated through social media like Twitter or Facebook. This allows you to be on top of the latest happenings and updates from your friends.

While there are a couple ways to scroll through contacts on an iPhone using your fingers, there is another way that doesn’t involve flicking. Simply hold a finger on the list of names in your contacts. Slide your finger up and down the list for a simpler method of scrolling. This way you can have more control while looking at your contact list.

For personal communication on your iPhone, take advantage of FaceTime. You get to look directly at the person with whom you are having the conversation. If you want to use this, just go to your contact section and search for the button that says FaceTime. Tap the button and you will now see the person while you are talking.

Don’t expose your iPhone to extreme temperatures. For example, don’t bring your phone into freezers or refrigerators. Condensation can easily form on the delicate electronics inside.

If you use more than one email account, make sure you choose different names for each of them. If all the email accounts use the same name, this may confuse you. Give them unique names that are easy to remember to make checking your emails easier.

The range and versatility of the iPhone is one of its major advantages. As an example, your can transform your iPhone to function as a convenient universal remote with the BlinqTV app. You can use your iPhone as a remote for your TV, DVD player, and other electronics. TV show reminders can even be added to the phone so you will know when your favorite programs will air.

If you love to look at the weather forecasts, did you know you can move the phone right and left to toggle back and forth between current conditions and the six-day forecast. The weather app can also be accessed from the weather bar in the Notifications setting.

After taking in the information above, you now know how to best use your iPhone and how it can make your daily existence better. Implement what you have read so you can make your phone easier to use and your life more manageable.