Inateck 12 Inch Apple New MacBook Sleeve Bag Case Cover Laptop Notebook Carrying Case Bag for 2015 Release The New Macbook 12″ with Retina Display, Gray

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Notice: This sleeve will not suitable for 12 inch New MacBook with protective case together.

Best Companion to the New MacBook
Designed for the 12 inch new MacBook, MP1200 MacBook sleeve provides a robust protection for your device. Slim Envelop classic design enables you to carry it directly or fit into your backpack.

All-round Protection with style
– High-quality felt outside and soft flannel inside
– Synthetic leather Velcro closure for best security
– Lining material is mold-proof, wear-resisting and does not scratch the computer
– Felt absorbs shock and protects your device at all times

More than just a laptop case
– One main compartment for laptop and second compartment for magazines, books, tablet, etc.
– Two back pockets lined with flannel for cellphone, earphones, wallet, etc.
– Additional: small felt bag for mouse
– It is not only a carry bag but also a sleeve to put into bag

Exquisite Design while protecting the environment
– Practical design and exquisite workmanship, synthetic fibre is a sustainable, plastic-free and metal-free material
– Environmentally friendly material. Sustainable, renewable and biodegradable, durable and soft to the touch
– Please note: Dry clean only!

Package Included
1x 12-Inch Felt Sleeve Bag for the new MacBook
1x Small Felt Bag for Mouse
Synthetic leather Velcro closure for best security; High-quality felt outside and soft flannel inside





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