Kensington MicroSaver Master Keyed Lock – On Demand (K64599US)

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Product Description

The MicroSaver Master Keyed Lock – On Demand is the most popular option for corporate users. Master keyed solutions give you more control over equipment while safeguarding employees from notebook and data theft. Master keyed options also protect against down-time caused by lost keys. You get – Unique locks and keys on each individual product in an order. Plus, one master key that can open all the locks in the order. Made of reinforced steel and Kevlar brand fiber this cable is 40% stronger and forms the first line of defense against notebook and data theft. Low profile design doesn’t block other ports or lift standard laptops off the desk. Ships with two user keys per lock. This product does not ship with Master Keys. Kensington will directly provide Master Keys for the locks purchased on After purchasing these locks, please register at kensington to receive your Master Keys at no additional charge.

From the Manufacturer

Create a physical security system that fits your business with Kensington computer locks. Kensington computer locks provide safe and easy access management for your company’s IT assets such as laptops and desktop computers. Protect your equipment and safeguard your business with Kensington–the innovators of physical computer protection, and trusted to safeguard business assets around the world.

Kensington Master Access Solutions

Arm your business with the first line of defense against laptop, equipment and data theft. Kensington security locks are convenient and easy for employees to use–whether they’re in the office or on the go. A Master Access solution gives users individual locks and keys as well as offering a master key for the IT manager to access all locks without the individual user key.

Failsafe Access

Open any lock in your physical security system, even if an employee has lost their individual key. Master key solutions save you time and ensure critical access.

Limited Down Time

Maintain productivity, even in the event of lost or misplaced keys. A master key solution enables secure, complete access to an entire physical security solution without interrupting work.

Kensington Master Key Solution - Master Keyed Lock

Featuring secure on-line product registration
Master Access On Demand

Master keyed locks with immediate shipment and with no minimum order, allows easy system add ons with as little as one lock order at a time.

How to Order Master Access Lock Solutions

This Kensington product ships with two user keys per lock, but does not ship with a master key. Master keys available separately through secure on-line product registration. Master keys must be ordered separately from Kensington at no additional charge. On-line key registration makes ordering master keys or replacing lost keys secure and easy:

Protect Your Company’s Assets with Kensington Master Key Solutions

ClickSafe Keyed Laptop Lock - Master Keyed LockKensington ClickSafe Master Keyed Laptop Lock – On Demand (K64663US)–Designed for effortless protection of computers and your business’s most important data. Locks attach to hardware in a one-click single step. ClickSafe combines a cable made from superior materials with a tamper-proof disc-style lock to deliver the strongest security available in a cable lock.

Kensington MicroSaver Master Keyed Lock – On Demand (K64599US)–The most popular option for corporate users. Locks into the standard Kensington security slot found in 99% of laptops and many flat panel monitors, CPUs, projectors, printers, docking stations, tablet PCs, and other devices. Made of reinforced steel and Kevlar brand fiber, this cable is 40% stronger and forms the first line of defense against notebook and data theft.

Desktop and Peripherals Locking Kit - Master Keyed LockKensington Desktop and Peripherals Locking Kit, Master Keyed on Demand (K64665US)–With an 8 ft. high-carbon steel cable, anchor plate, and a Kensington keyed lock, this kit has everything you need to secure a desktop computer, two peripherals, and a wired keyboard and mouse. Even devices without a Kensington Security Slot can be secured.

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