NEWSTYLE Samsung Galaxy Note PRO & Tab PRO 12.2 Case – Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard Cover for Galaxy NotePRO & TabPRO 12.2 inch Android Tablet – Black Color (Tablet NOT Included)

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This is the new released 3-in-1 Bluetooth keyboard leather case for Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 inch & Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2 inch Tablet, SM-T900 SM-P900 SM-P901 SM-P905.
This is a Removable Bluetooth Keyboard. The best choice for Samsung 12 inch Tablet user!
Build-in Stand will allows you prop your device up to comfortable viewing and typing angle.
With rechargeable Lithium battery and standby time 30 days approx.
The case is compact and lightweight when closed, so that it is slim and portable, you can use it everywhere you want to be!
This is the wonderful accessory choosed for your tablet, which makes you feel like use a real laptop !

Colors Avaible: Black, White, Pink, Red & Purple. Please search ” NEWSTYLE Galaxy Note PRO 12.2 ” or ” NEWSTYLE Galaxy Tab PRO 12.2 ” For the other colors.

Package List:
1 x NEWSTYLE Bluetooth Keyboard for Samsung Galaxy Note PRO & Tab PRO 12.2 inch SM-T900 SM-P900 SM-P901 SM-P905 (Tablet Not Included)
1 x USB Charging Cable
1 x Manual

NEWSTYLE is a US registered trademark protected by the US Trademark Law.

NEWSTYLE Designed specifically for Samsung Galaxy NotePRO & TabPRO 12.2 (SM-T900 SM-P900 SM-P901 SM-P905) Android Tablet. Access to all features and controls.





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