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              The Development of Heat Transfer Printing Machine Market

              Source:Best printing machinery Time:2016-08-16 Click:373 Times

              Thermal transfer printing machine market showing a diversified development trend of technology
              Relevant data show that China's printing industry has more than 500 enterprises, private enterprises accounted for 98% (including supporting enterprises). For a long time, the printing industry is mostly used in artificial printing, high cost, low productivity. But at present, a single manual printing technology has been unable to meet the development needs of the textile industry, in the demand forcing mechanism, the printing industry continuous technological innovation, making the industry showing a diversified development trend of technology.
              The Main Development Situation of China 's Heat Transfer Market
              Thermal transfer printing machine for a variety of materials earlier printed, and later modified, expanding the scope of application, the majority of thermal transfer printing machine in the garment textile industry widely used.
              Clothing and textile industry is labor-intensive and has a comparative advantage of traditional industries, but also China's strong competitiveness and high dependence on the international industry. Clothing and textile industry and printing machine market interdependence and common development, with the clothing and textile industry profits gradually pressure loss, thermal transfer printing industry has also been a certain impact. In this context, the thermal transfer printing machine market is moving in the direction of diversification, technology requirements are also increasing.
              With the development of science and technology, heat transfer printing machine more and more advanced, transfer printing technology has become mature, transfer printing production has increased significantly. But many people still believe that the transfer of printing to replace the traditional textile printing is only a matter of time.

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