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              Thermal transfer printing machine advantages

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              In recent years, the development of heat transfer printing can be described as profound knowledge.
              Advantages: thermal transfer printing machine to support personalized custom, no plate.
              This advantage directly leads to many screen printing to heat transfer printing market transformation. With the gradual development of the market, the designer for the gradient and color requirements, coupled with the thermal transfer printing equipment upgrades, with the introduction of new technology, the use of heat transfer printing, Shorten the delivery time, in addition to the previous proofing business, the heat transfer printing on thousands of meters easy to complete orders, thermal transfer printing in the field of rapid development of garment printing.
              Two advantages: environmental protection, energy saving, easy to operate
              Traditional printing need to use water, will cause the local water pollution, and the process is complicated, especially for a long sampling time, environmental thermal transfer printing machine, the computer design out of the design, transfer to paper, the After heat transfer printing machine, you can firmly printed on the fabric, because of its in the printing process, after heat treatment, so it has not washed away, the advantages of bright colors. Hand-painted screen printing factory began to focus on digital printing projects and thermal transfer printing.
              Many printing and dyeing enterprises set up thermal transfer printing production line, or a small order gradually increased, and Europe and the United States has been a lot of orders around the digital process design, printing and dyeing enterprises more and more on the heat transfer printing production line
              . Home decoration industry, the pursuit of individuality increased significantly in the T-shirt, pillow digital printing production after the widespread popularity of curtains, sand release, murals and more use of the thermal transfer printing method.
              Outlook: The future thermal transfer printing equipment demand will be greatly enhanced
              In recent years, the global textile thermal transfer printing volume since 2001 almost every two years to double, showing a trend of accelerated development. With the continuous development of computer technology, digital inkjet printing technology gradually formed a set of computer data processing, precision machinery, optoelectronic information technology as one of the products of modern technology applications.
              Heat transfer printing with energy saving, reduce emissions, reduce labor costs, small quantities, multi-species, high-quality, fast delivery, the advantages of wide application: This thermal transfer printing technology and traditional printing is completely different, it does not require plate, The traditional printing system required net, with tone pulp, scraping India and other processes; omit the traditional printing system required for the network, the glue machine, photoreceptor, drying room and other equipment, directly through a single computer-controlled mechanical operation, the Input in the computer print pattern perfectly presented, saving the traditional printing and dyeing the entire production line for the power consumption required.
              Thermal transfer printing process investment rate of return is 3.5 times the traditional printing process. Heat transfer printing process, completely out of the traditional printing "high energy consumption, high pollution, high emissions, low value-added" three high and one low plight. Thermal transfer printing output per million energy consumption of traditional printing only 1/10. In accordance with the same investment amount, in the current market price conditions, launched thermal transfer printing system, the investment recovery period of about 2 to 3 years, if the traditional printing equipment system project, the investment recovery period of about 4 to 5 years.

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