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              Thermal transfer printing, screen printing, digital printing in detail contrast

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              Thermal transfer printing (sublimation printing) advantages:
              1. A molding, generally do not require follow-up treatment, can save energy and reduce the load of sewage treatment.
              2. High-efficiency industrial machinery, fully automated, only 1 to 2 people operate, very labor-saving.
              3. The effect is good, does not affect the printing material feel, pattern clear solid, permanent does not fade.
              4. Multi-functional, cost-effective, with a paste, drying, ironing, shrink and other functions.
              5. No plate, the computer directly typesetting, modification, production, simple operation.
              6. Workbench area, high efficiency, can be mass production.
              7. The use of environmentally friendly dye ink, printing process harmless non-toxic substances in good health.
              8. Investment in low-cost, high returns, small footprint.
              Heat transfer printing (dye-sublimation printing) shortcomings:
              1. Transfer printing paper and protective paper is a one-time supplies, easy to waste.
              2. Printed fabric is limited (cotton, black or dark-colored fabrics can not be printed), but can be designed to black pattern in the white fabric on the transfer.
              Screen printing: the screen as a tool for printing, the printing paste (glue) through the mesh of the screen printing leakage to be printed matter.
              Features: not limited to materials, do not need machines, low cost.
              Disadvantages: process trouble, long working hours, low efficiency.
              Can only print a simple pattern, up to 4 colors.
              Will affect the finished product feel, feels like a layer of glue, after a long time will fall off.
              Rotary screen printing: the same series with screen printing. Than silk screen and more colors.
              Ink direct injection machine: with active ink directly on the cloth to print. Not limited to materials, not supplies.
              Disadvantages: process trouble (and the screen almost, that is, do not open version), slow.
              High cost (generally more than 30 million units).
              Technology is not stable (nozzle easily broken).
              Finished less than the effect of sublimation.
              Offset heat transfer: also known as flat-panel printing. Is the use of coated paper on a layer of silicon, wax solution, hot melt after the heat, so that the infiltration of printed material flux to the fabric to form the principle of hot melt loose bond. Effects and screen printing the same.
              Silicone heat transfer: apply to all kinds of fabric printing needs, need to open version, transfer paper or transfer film.
              Water transfer printing: more for the printing of special-shaped objects.

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