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              Roller printing machine automatic cooling is
              Roller printing machine, flat screen printin
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              Roller printing machine is how to operate it?

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              Roller printing machine used in the copper roller printing machine is composed of six or eight engraved embossed printing drum around a flexible pressure-bearing roller was radially arranged; Conveyor belt transfer function. After the product transfer, through the conveyor belt Transmission to the back of the shelf, more labor saving. Optional up and down conveying function, more efficient. It is suitable for the sublimation transfer of large banner, banner, non-woven fabric, garment fabric, towel, blanket, mouse pad and so on, especially continuous transfer of cloth.
              Roller printing machine is how to operate it?
              Roller printing machine, the cylinder pressed on the pressure roller, bearing the surface of the drum around the rubber or a wool lining cloth, so that it has a certain flexibility, in order to ensure clear printed outline of the pattern. For radial roller printing machine, the pressure in the direction of the drum can be installed in the direction of the number of flower tube, the printing machine is called the number of sets of color printing machine, generally four-color, six-color and eight-color roller printing machine the most widely used.
              The bottom of each flower tube is provided with a rubber or bristle to the pulp roll, which is immersed in the pulp tray. When the printing machine is running, the paste is fed from the pulp pan to the surface of the flower tube, Before, the scraper scraping paste, the vase on the flat surface of the paste scraping, and depression at the pattern of the paste is still left, the pattern at the color paste and coated cloth on the pressure roller contact, through the tube pressure to Transfer the colorant to the fabric.
              Roller printing, the former a color of the flower tube is often stained by the fabric after a flower tube on the posterity of a pulp tray, so that after a pulp disc of the stain there is a phenomenon, this Phenomenon called color transfer. In order to prevent the transfer of color, the cylinder away from the pressure roller contact point, often with a small scraper (usually copper knife, also known as impurity scraper), the outgoing color paste eradication. For vertical and horizontal roller printing machine, because of the short distance between the flower tube, can not install a small tongue knife, in order to eradicate the transmission color, usually used method is to add white roller to prevent transmission.

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