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              Roller printing machine automatic cooling is
              Roller printing machine, flat screen printin
              Worksheets, can be customized according to c
              Roller printing machine blanket of the usefu
              We give the price quoted by the customer is

              Roller printing machine is mainly composed of what parts it?

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              Roller printing machine is a thermal transfer printing machinery and equipment, according to the different diameter of the drum different types and prices. Now in the printing industry, science and technology more and more new, we also continue to enhance innovation, more printing equipment, the emergence of the perfect meet the current market demand, and roller printing machine which is homeopathic printing equipment.
              Roller printing machine is mainly composed of what parts it?
              Knife: scrape the surface of flower velvet flowers and other impurities and the surface of residual pulp, to prevent transmission color. It reverses the direction of flowering tube installed in the back of the flower tube, it is lower than the requirements of sharpening.
              Roller printing machine flower tube: copper-zinc alloy as raw material, according to the flower-shaped pattern of corrosion carved into a certain concentration of Yin Wen, to accommodate the color.
              On the flower gear: roller printing machine at the other end of the shaft is equipped with internal and external gear and transmission gear, is to rely on rotating gear to adjust the lead lag behind the flower tube to achieve the purpose of the flower. Later, such as electric, reduce labor intensity.
              Scraper: There are white steel, blue steel, stainless steel three, white steel harder (for fine, moire and other flower type), blue steel soft (for large area)
              , Stainless steel resistant to chemical corrosion. Scraper flow tube mounted on the direction of the flower tube above the role of its role is to scratch the flower tube on the non-flower-type parts of the slurry. It is good or bad grinding, installed angle (with the flower tube angle of 19-35 degrees is appropriate) have a direct impact on the quality of printing. So you can control the roller printing machine is a high level of experience of people.

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