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              Thermal transfer printing machine with a fast, environmentally friendly unique advantages

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              The successful development of thermal transfer printing machine, making the printing process becomes more simple and easy to operate. Heat transfer printing machine in recent years the international community gradually emerging a new printing and dyeing process. The use of advanced printing technology will be special printing and dyeing, all the necessary color patterns printed on the special paper, made with a variety of fancy transfer printing paper, printing technology development so that more and more printing equipment in the industry Has been widely used.
              Thermal transfer printing machine with fast, environmentally friendly unique advantages:
              The principle of heat transfer printing is somewhat similar to the transfer printing method. Thermal transfer printing, the first containing disperse dyes and printing inks printed on the paper pattern, and then the printing paper (also known as transfer paper) stored for use in textile printing plant.
              At the time of printing, the transfer paper and the unprinted paper were pasted face-to-face through a thermal transfer printer and passed through the machine at about 210C (400T). At such a high temperature, the dye on the transfer paper was sublimed and transferred to Fabric, to complete the printing process, no further processing. The process is relatively simple and does not require the necessary expertise in roller printing or rotary screen printing.
              Disperse dyes are the only sublimation dyes, in the sense that the only dye can be heat transfer printing, so the process can only be used in this kind of dye affinity fibers composed of fabrics, including acetate fiber, propylene Nitrile silicon fiber, polyamide fiber (nylon) and polyester fiber. In the case of thermal transfer printing, a fabric printing factory would purchase this type of printing paper from a highly specialized printing paper manufacturer. According to the pattern designers and customer requirements to print the transfer paper (ready-made pattern can also be used for transfer printing).
              Heat transfer printing can be used to print clothing (such as side printing, chest pocket embroidery, etc.), in this case to use a specially designed pattern. Thermal transfer printing as a complete textile printing process from the printing process come to the fore, therefore, eliminating the use of large and expensive dryer, steamer, washing machine and tenter. As the printing paper can be tested before printing, thus eliminating the flowers are not allowed and other defects. So thermal transfer printing fabric rarely appear defective.

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