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              Roller printing machine automatic cooling is
              Roller printing machine, flat screen printin
              Worksheets, can be customized according to c
              Roller printing machine blanket of the usefu
              We give the price quoted by the customer is

              The use of thermal transfer printing machine several major advantages

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              Heat transfer printing machine object can be tough material, it can be soft material; and can be printed on the inorganic, organic matter can also be achieved in the printing, showing that the material has a stronger adaptability to the equipment, to avoid the A variety of problems arise, making the printing step becomes more simple and easy to operate.
              The use of thermal transfer printing machine several major advantages:
              First, bright colors, rich layers: multi-color combination of colors, colors more perfect.
              Second, washable anti-sun: long-term preservation does not fade, repeated use, color fastness can reach 4.
              Third, environmental pollution: the use of environmentally friendly raw materials, green processing, the human body without any negative effect.
              Fourth, the new concept of heat transfer printing: printing process is simple, greatly simplifies the thermal transfer printing process.
              Fifth, the production cycle is short: direct proofing, plate-making cost savings and cycle, a flower-like printing.
              Sixth, not from the size of flower-shaped limit: to overcome the traditional printing back to the limit and can not print the problem.
              7, arbitrary flower design: the design space is infinite, the pattern trapping accurate, there will be no overprint in the traditional printing over the third color.

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