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              Roller printing machine automatic cooling is
              Roller printing machine, flat screen printin
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              Thermal transfer printing machine Description The most suitable type of thermal transfer equipment

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              Thermal transfer equipment, also known as thermal transfer printing machine, thermal transfer printing machine manufacturers tell us the most suitable type of thermal transfer equipment:
              1, thermal transfer digital printing machine, medium, energy-saving operation with the relative design, production process rigorous. Is the printing industry in the new industrial equipment.
              2, heat transfer shaking his head heat press machine, features small, energy-saving operation is simple, suitable for designers to play board and small batch production orders.
              3, thermal transfer gravure printing machine, features large-scale equipment, high-energy, complex operation, the production process is complex, has not yet been widely used in the country.
              4, thermal transfer roller printing machine, medium, simple operation, a digital printing machine is particularly efficient, strong production capacity of equipment. Domestic garment bag Ribbon manufacturers have been widely used.
              5, heat transfer flat heat transfer machine, features light, energy saving, simple operation. Production efficiency is relatively moderate. Advantages; relatively stable, suitable for processing plants to do pre-production and small quantities of sample orders.

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