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              The main reasons for the failure of the parts of the roller printing machine are analyzed

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              Roller printing machine is a kind of thermal transfer printing machinery and equipment. It is suitable for the sublimation transfer of large banner, banner, non-woven cloth, garment fabric, towel, blanket, mouse pad and so on. India.
              Analysis of roller printing machine parts of the main reasons for failure:
              Open floor (bottom): printed fabric on the flower part of the exposed color. Reason: fabric hair low efficiency, slurry too thick, too fast, the pressure is not enough, too shallow Yin and so on. If the axis of the core bend, it will cause the left and right color, and even exposed to timely replacement.
              Knife: the formation of single or multiple color lines on the fabric surface. Mainly scraper with a small gap (knife used for a long time did not wear, flower tube surface roughness, etc.) or sticky impurities (flowers velvet, insoluble in colorants, etc.) led to the color of the vase is not scrape clean.
              A horizontal stripe left on the fabric by the flashing of the blade to make the pulp on the vase not scratched. The main reason may be the blade is installed too low, so that blade flashing or heavy hammer caused by insufficient pressure, of course, improper installation of jacquard and gear occlusal elastic can also cause jump knife.
              Drag a small part of the same color or different colors of non-pattern part. The reason may be 1. Scraper installed too high 2. The colorant is too thick to cause the fabric can not be absorbed by the moment after the flower tube into the pattern in the 3 flower tube arrangement unreasonable and so on. Generally can adjust the knife angle, paste thickness and knife to solve.
              Splashing: a number of points from the blade splash splash on the fabric. Scraper is installed too low, too fast, too thin paste, flower tube is the stripes are prone to such defects, if the adjustment is still not resolved, you can stamped a piece of cloth above the flower tube to block. In addition, if the flower tube on the trachoma, the color point is caused by the law to the circumference, and splash different.
              Roller printing machine printing speed of up to 120 m / min or more, usually 70 to 100 m / min. Commonly used roller printing machine can only print one side. If the two hosts in series with two sets of symmetrical pattern of flower tube, you can print both sides of the flower-spinning double-sided printing of the same fabric. Vertical roller printing machine vertical arrangement of the flower tube, each flower tube has a small pressure roller. Flower tube with iron hollow roller copper or copper casting, the general circumference of 400 to 500 mm, depending on the length of the work of the printing machine may be. Patterns consist of points or lines. Flower tube carving is in the copper roller surface engraved concave pattern processing.

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