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              Features of multi - function roller printing machine

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              Multifunctional roller printing machine is a thermal transfer printing machinery and equipment, according to the diameter of the drum different points of different types and prices. Printing equipment is the main component of multi-functional roller printing machine.
              Multifunctional roller printing machine features:
              1. Carbon brush conductive heating, conductive performance is more stable, wear-resistant, safe;
              2. The use of raw blankets, India, the effect is good, long life, easy to deviation, wrinkling;
              3.The main wall board is made of 10% thick steel plate.Wire cutting, high precision, the error is smaller;
              4. Pneumatic pressure / hydraulic pressure function. Better transfer effect, the color deeper and more vibrant;
              5. Electrical control. High-quality digital display, temperature, time digital control, higher accuracy. Advanced security temperature lock;
              6. The machine has a lazy set, 2-hour automatic rotation off function. Easy to work after the machine no one shut down cooling;
              7. Blanket automatically separated when the blackout or shutdown, the blanket automatically separated from the drum to better protect the blanket and extend life;
              8. Adjust the offset shaft of each Seiko lathe, grinding, and then Plating. Error control in the 2 C. Within the blanket to work under normal deviation;
              9. Conveyor belt transfer function. Product transfer, after the conveyor belt to the back of the shelf, more labor saving. Optional up and down conveying function, more efficient.
              Multi-functional roller printing machine, including cotton or polyester, spandex and other synthetic materials, or chemical fiber and cotton mixture, as well as denim, linen, etc., can be directly printed. Whether it is white fabric, or light-colored fabrics, and dark fabrics, can be printed on a variety of colorful patterns.

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