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              Roller printing machine automatic cooling is
              Roller printing machine, flat screen printin
              Worksheets, can be customized according to c
              Roller printing machine blanket of the usefu
              We give the price quoted by the customer is

              What are the characteristics of thermal transfer printing machine?

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              Heat transfer printing machine through the high temperature (200 ℃) to disperse dye printing paper sublimation heat for the gas condensed in the polyester surface, and then to the fiber macromolecules in the amorphous area of ??infiltration, after cooling in the fiber inside the printing method. Thermal transfer printing machine features: 1, thermal transfer printing machine pattern with realistic flower, detailed pattern, the level of clear, three-dimensional sense of strong features. Transfer printing can be printed flowers, cartoons, human head, natural landscape and artistic strong patterns. 2, thermal transfer printing machine equipment has a simple structure, small footprint, low investment, high economic efficiency characteristics. As the equipment is tension-free processing, suitable for a variety of thickness of the knitting, woven fabrics printing. In addition, transfer printing without post-processing can be packaged factory. 3, thermal transfer printing process environmental protection, can withstand the test, and there is no environmental pollution problems. As dry processing, without washing, steaming, drying and other processes, so no waste gas and wastewater discharge. 4, heat transfer printing machine with high production efficiency, labor-saving and simple operation advantages.
              5, thermal transfer printing machine through the red, yellow and blue primary colors and black, as long as 4 sets of color, you can achieve photos, painting effects.
              Heat transfer printing machine with advanced printing technology will be special printing and dyeing (water or oil), all the necessary color patterns printed on the special paper, made with a variety of fancy transfer printing paper, and then in the transfer printing machine, The printed pattern printed on the side of the printed fabric with the close, through the heat and pressure, the use of paper dye generated sublimation, transfer to the fabric to be printed on the fabric to form the desired Various patterns.

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