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              Precautions for Roller Printing Machine

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              Roller printing machine to continuous printing, fast, to meet customer demand for large quantities of printing. Imported heat pipe, imported thermal oil. Uniform heat, durable; the use of imported blankets, blankets are not easy to wear and tear. We all know that the attention of roller printing machine? The following and we explore:
              1, the instructions provided to the customer installation, parameter settings, fault diagnosis and operation of the use of precautions, please keep safe.
              2, the installation and commissioning before use, please read the instructions carefully, so as to avoid misuse caused by equipment, and even personal safety accidents.
              3, the user must be in accordance with the rated power supply matching power supply wiring and installation of special leakage protection switch.
              4, the appearance of the machine before starting a separate solid grounding, or it may cause serious personal injury accidents.
              5, the machine must be installed in a ventilated, bright places around the machine shall not be less than 1.5 meters of space, vertical and horizontal installation.
              6, the work should be immediately stop the abnormal situation should also be blanket from the drum with a fan to help cool the cooling to prevent damage to the blanket.
              7, the operator must strictly abide by the machine parts of the ban signs to operate.
              8, because it is thermal machinery, so the use of the process, the shaft or the heating element and the size of the bearing may be due to thermal expansion will issue some noise, this is a normal phenomenon, do not panic.
              9, the control circuit board on the chassis and the inverter, usually should be kept clean, can not have dust and other metal conductive objects fall into. Do not turn on the protective cover of the relay.
              10, for the replacement of heating elements, reducer, HTF, etc., must be used for the company-specific models, shall not be allowed to change, change.
              11, heating cylinder body surface after special treatment shall not use corrosive liquid scrub and hard objects into the scratches.

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