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              Roller printing machine daily maintenance plan

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              The blanket automatically separated from the drum, better protection blankets, to extend the life of the blanket is automatically separated from the roller, the blanket is automatically separated from the drum, Electrical control. High-quality digital display, temperature, time control, higher precision. For the maintenance of roller printing machine you know it? Xiaobian for everyone to tell:
              Roller printing machine daily maintenance plan:
              1, ink, the ink cartridge to keep the first and second level between the ink level
              2, the machine should be stored in ink to avoid direct sunlight in a cool place. Ink is best used in half a month after opening
              3, near the machine can not have a common household appliances, to stay away from the large magnetic field, electric field.
              4, the computer must be top of the anti-virus, with the RIP software to figure out the computer's firewall must be closed
              5, every day before the end of the work should be freshman test strips, and to ensure that although the nozzles are ink-jet normal.
              6, does not affect the progress of the situation in love as much as possible to use more than 4pass ink print, this mode of the Friends of the basin of the smallest losses
              7, try to keep a constant temperature and humidity, under normal circumstances, the temperature is about 25 degrees, humidity is about 60% of the best
              8, indoor to dust, dust and smoke prone to the machine together
              9, the machine can not prevent anything, it is not a liquid
              10, the machine must be grounded. In the machine bracket at both ends of the screw connection with the host as much as possible on the face of thick copper wire, copper wire surface insulation to hang, the other end of the copper wire into the ground at least 1m, conditional access companion. Do not connect objects such as lightning rods, radiators, water pipes, etc.
              11, do not use poor quality of the medium, medium, if too bad easy to hit the nozzle
              12, when many people have broken or broken line cleaning, please wait 10 minutes before work, or use the cleaning solution soak. If it is not possible to clean any of the nozzles for 5 consecutive times, contact the agent engineer
              13, at least a week to empty a waste ink barrel waste ink, to prevent overflow.
              14, at least once a week to check the flash spray and scraping clean the situation, if hair and other debris, please use tweezers or tissues to debris removal.

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