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              How to Comprehend Fast Digital Printing Process

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              How to understand the rapid sampling of digital printing processing: digital proofing system for rapid sampling by digital proofing output device and digital proofing software composed of two parts, the use of digital color management and color control technology to achieve high-fidelity printing color gamut with the digital proofing Color gamut consistent. Digital proofing control software is the core and key of digital proofing system, mainly including RIP, color management software, fight the big version of software and so on, to complete the page of the digital screening. The digital proofing system is a digital proofing system, , The page of the flat, ink color gamut and print ink color gamut match.
              The advantages of digital printing process:
              ① equipment investment, accounting for small, low environmental requirements.
              ② save manpower resources, reduce costs, operators rely on the experience of small.
              ③ fast, stable quality, repeatability, low cost.
              ④ wide adaptability, especially suitable for direct plate, gravure and flexo printing can not be proofing or proofing process. Both to simulate the effect of a variety of printing methods, but also with the CTP (computer-to-plate) and digital presses of digital equipment, truly automated workflow.
              With the recent development of computer-to-plate (CTP) technology, the industry generally believe that this is bound to replace the existing film production processes, and revolutionary digital workflow will replace the existing mode of production. And digital proofing as an important part of the printing workflow, as enterprises keen. At the same time, because the digital proofing system has a powerful color management functions, and can be used as advertising photo production and digital photos (wedding, art photos) output, is a multi-functional work system.
              1. Digital printing process used in the printing industry, to replace the traditional proofing, and can be finalized as a design.
              2. Used in digital photo printing industry and digital photo printing, direct output of indoor photo and light box advertising and digital photos.
              3. Because the system has a powerful color management functions, than the general advertising photo / digital wedding system, the output color is more accurate, richer level.

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