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              Digital printing ink and paper how to choose

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              Thermal transfer, digital printing industry uses ink has several parameters: fluency, fast drying, color gamut, these parameters are actually more contradictory, thermal transfer ink is water-based ink, with a high concentration of color paste Good (not absolute), the concentration of high fluency will certainly be affected. So look at the ink is good, look at the flat horizontal point, that is, good fluency, color Ye Hao.
              Commonly used thermal transfer ink sub-domestic and imported:
              Import: Italy million Delicate, J-TECK on behalf of high-end, prices are 5 and 6 prefix; South Korea INK-TEC, INK-MATE quality is good.
              Domestic: Tianwei, Hongsheng and many other brands, there are many domestic ink Department, Zhuhai ink factory have to say, many manufacturers are separated from the other side, but the overall feeling of prices are relatively low, if such ink color acceptable , It is possible to try, after all, cheap, because the low concentration of fluid so the fluid will be good, you can certainly not plug, to do the main low-end (of course not absolute). The price of these inks is generally early 100, a large number of manufacturers over there with this quality of ink.
              Sublimation paper is also sub-imported:
              Imports of paper with Han Song, the Netherlands and other paper;
              Domestic paper is more numerous, at this stage roughly the price of 2 or so. Cheap 1 56, good 2 56. Good paper is widely used, but with other manufacturers to enhance the quality and lower prices, there are many very good choice.
              Thermal transfer paper manufacturers to purchase base paper, the coating, cut into different applications of the machine standard. Manufacturing base paper pulp paper, wood pulp paper, reed pulp and paper several, of course, some relatively poor paper mills will also use recycled paper.
              Thermal transfer paper is good or bad depends on many aspects, 1, base paper pulp, paper using the best quality of wood pulp paper, its no static, and good adsorption of ink. 2, uniform coating, the natural Needless to say. 3 quick-drying.

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