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              What are the factors that affect the data transfer between the garment printing machine and the computer?

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              Clothing printing in the present can be described as the hottest industry, then a good printing and a high-quality printing machine is inextricably linked, how can the garment printing machine and computer data transmission between the ideal and ideal, so that clothing printing machine Better operation? Specific methods are as follows:
              1, computer configuration problems
              Computer configuration is not high or the computer operating system slow response, RIP software data cache space is small, the computer operating system infected with malicious code viruses cause data transmission interrupted or slow; for this problem, you can try to replace the computer online test print, the computer operating system For virus checking, the relevant RIP software to re-install, the RIP software in the photo software Mengtai, set enough data cache space.
              2, the network data line interface problem
              Photo machine and the computer line between the data lines, such as USB interface, pictures, using the USB data for online data transmission, USB data cable is too long or poor quality, will affect the printer when printing data transmission problems, if the network The interface of the photo machine, please check the line network cable, crystal head of the network cable is in good contact, whether the sort order is correct, often the network cable is not properly sorted with the crystal head is not good, will affect the data transmission, especially large data transmission will make pictures Machine printing is particularly slow, or even incomplete data transmission, there is interruption. Therefore, the user pictorial machine and the computer online, please use a good quality USB data cable or shielded cable.
              3, the driver problem
              Photo related to the driver to install the correct, USB interface, pictures, be sure to install the driver for the USB; network interface pictorial machine online, according to manufacturers to provide online installation instructions for IP settings.
              4, printing machine and computer connection problems
              Network connection printing machine, please use the integrated network card or external PCI card, do not use the USB external network card, because the USB external network card in the photo machine online printing, data transmission will occur, the machine slow printing, appears Both sides pause the fault.

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