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              Technical requirements for roller transfer machines

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              Roller Transfer is a new method for printing images on a wide variety of merchandise. It is particularly suitable for making a small number of personalized and customized products, as well as printing images containing full color images or photographs. The principle is to digital images through the printer to a special transfer ink printed on the transfer of special paper, and then to a dedicated transfer machine, high temperature and pressure to the image accurately transfer to the surface of the goods, the end of the goods printed.
              Quality of the stability of such as the importance of an important principle of ease of use, thermal transfer of the surface quality and the user's ink, print data settings, drum heat transfer machine parameters are closely related to the surface quality of the transfer is not firm or continuous changes will Such as the original color calibration needs to be redone, the original is now available to the customer can not reproduce the print sample can only be redone, etc., so the customer is very necessary quality and stability as one, it is necessary to attach great importance to this point, Because only the quality of a stable as one may have to win a number of loyal customers to your customers.
              What is thermal transfer? Wensheng Sheng is the thermal transfer of the film on the image, after high temperature and pressure to transfer to the top, like this heat transfer film is suitable for plastic materials and metal and other materials above, you want to print Sophisticated images, the choice of thermal transfer can easily reach the role.
              The thermal transfer film is generally composed of three to five layers. A thermal transfer film consisting of a base layer, a release layer, a printing layer and an adhesive layer; the five thermal transfer films are composed of a base layer, a printing layer and an adhesive layer; A release layer, a printing layer, an adhesive layer and a hot-melt adhesive powder layer.

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