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              Thermal transfer market demand analysis

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              With the current fashion, the mainstream of water transfer compared to the heat transfer machine technology which advantages and disadvantages of it ?Specifically, the production of water transfer printing more flexible and convenient, not subject to object area, shape restrictions, usually Does not require special tools and equipment (as long as a water transfer paper can be), so its wider scope of application, the production cost is lower than the thermal transfer, it is suitable for home users and small workshops, fashion jewelry shop .
              Thermal transfer image as the relationship between heat, the finished product image color will be more solid than the water transfer will not be prone to fade, it has anti-corrosion, impact resistance, aging resistance, wear resistance, high temperature, fire , Can maintain ten to several decades do not change color characteristics, so the thermal transfer technology is particularly applicable to the image to retain the special requirements of electrical appliances, daily necessities, building materials and other decorative objects on top. For example, a trade mark, a bar code, a label or the like may be printed on a product by a thermal transfer technique. It is precisely because of the thermal transfer technology has such advantages and disadvantages, so this technology is usually well received by a certain scale jewelry stores, printing companies, building materials sector of the favor and use.
              In the market demand, with the continuous development of commodity economy, the manufacturers of their own products, trademarks, labeling and packaging requirements are getting higher and higher, for the printing industry, the printing concept is not people's impression Traditional paper was printed. From our daily necessities to office appliances, to the electric fast, decoration, technology and other industries products, need more and better and more practical external packaging, and most of these packages rely on the transfer to achieve , So the transfer industry has a very broad and deep market space.
              According to statistical data, heat transfer printing machine as a result of precision transfer, high quality, almost become the most popular current printing machine equipment.

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