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              Roller printing machine, flat screen printin
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              Clothing T-shirt printing machine how to choose?

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              Digital thermal transfer printing technology is the traditional thermal transfer technology and digital printing technology combined to print in the form of non-plate color images and patterns of a new technology. The technology was first used in the United States, South Korea, Italy, Switzerland and other countries. In the country initially mainly used in advertising, signs, Zhengka, ceramic image production. At present, with the broadening of application areas, more applications in industrial production, such as digital printing and dyeing and garment production, shoe production, ribbon, clothing labels and other industrial production, application of products is increasing. According to their own volume to determine the general T shirt printing machine will use a lot of heat transfer printing machine.
              Traditional printing process
              1, to be plate, sun film, plate-making high cost, costly proofing.
              2, more complex color, once the custom can not be modified.
              3, the process cumbersome, long production cycle.
              4, due to high plate costs, need to mass production to reduce costs.
              5, many times overprint, scrap rate, color deviation large.
              6, need to have years of rich experience of skilled workers.
              Heat transfer printing machine
              1, no plate, low cost, support a variety of computer output software.
              2, directly through the computer anytime, anywhere to change color, no additional cost.
              3, one step is completed, that is, India and take to meet the kind of fast and the finished product needs.
              4, drum-type heat transfer printing machine, can be mass production, saving time and effort.
              5, heat transfer printing machine printing speed of 1-6 meters per minute, the speed of the upgrade, reduce costs.

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